• Proper password policies

    A discussion of various password policies that are often enforced, their relative effectiveness and, in some cases, their harmfulness.

  • Email address obfuscation

    A description of email obfuscation techniques in use today, and an evidence-based comparison of which ones work.

  • Fixed points of hash functions

    Under what circumstances can (or must) a fixed point of a cryptographic hash function exist: where a string hashes to itself?

  • Unsung benefits of IPv6

    Discussion of the advantages of IPv6, other than increased address space, such as mandatory encryption and extensibility.

  • Effective CPU denial of service attack using hash functions

    A discussion of the exploit where, using hash collisions, a server can be DoSed using minimal bandwidth and resources.

  • Mathematical quines

    A demonstration of a mathematical quine: a formula which prints itself when graphed.

  • Salt, pepper and rainbows: storing passwords properly

    The proper methodology for storing passwords in a database. Covers hashing, rainbow tables, salting and peppering.

  • The Monty Hall Problem

    The somwhat counter-intuitive Monty Hall Problem, and a quick mathematical explanation and generalisation.

  • Hangman strategy

    The best strategy to use when choosing words in Hangman, depending on the number of guesses allowed and the length of the word.